National Road service

Wherever in France or in Europe you need a delivery we can take care of it.
According to your needs, all types of vehicles can be supplied.
We have a qualified team of professionals whose objective is to provide a fast and efficient service to our customers.

  • Personalized follow-up of your consigments (liaison with your supplier or customer regarding delivery or collection times, collect and documentation check on demand).
  • Ltl (less than a truck load) and ftl (full truck load)
    from 1 to 5 euro-pallets-gross weight lower than 3 tons:
    Immediate answer
    Over 5 euro-pallets – over 5 tons payload: spot quote
    Collection or delivery with tail-lift on request
    Curb-to-curb transit time 24/48 hours

National Express Service

In addition to our regular national road service, TDV offers a dedicated vehicle hire service utilizing a full range of vehicle sizes.
Our customers can have a same day service if required, subject to negotiation and the location of our network of trucks. 

  • Our dedicated vehicle hire can make collections and deliveries to any location in France or even in Europe.
    The size of the trucks to be used will be adjusted to your cargo.
    We can guarantee a nationwide dedicated vehicle hire service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including bank holidays for the city delivery trucks up to 20 cbm. 
  • Once a delivery has been made we offer our customers a verbal proof of delivery within five minutes. A written confirmation is sent a little bit later when we have the POD on hands.

Ile de France

Our regional/IDF service handles shipments that are to be collected or delivered within 100 KM radius around Paris and its suburbs areas.

  • Regular daily service – curb to curb transit time 6/24 hours
  • Covered geographical area : zip codes (two 1st digits) 95, 75, 78, 92, 93, 91, 94, 77, 60
  • Payload from 1 kg à 25 tonnes
  • Volume from 1 à 33 euro-pallets

Our fleet of trucks is adjusted to the traffic conditions of Paris and the Paris region.

Our equipment:

  • Trucks equipped with cranes when no handling equipment is available at collection or delivery site
  • Single axle van (curtainsider) useful length 6.5m / 6 tons payload – 15 euro-pallets (80×120)
  • Single axle van (curtainsider) useful length 8.5 m / 8 tons payload – 20 euro-pallets (80×120)
  • Lorry trailer useful length 13,60 m / 24 tons payload with tail lift – 33 euro-pallets (80×120)
  • City delivery trucks or vans

All our trucks are equipped with tail-lifts and additional lashing points inside the cargo cabin to ensure the best stowing.
Your goods are carried on clean and well-maintened vehicles to make sure your company and ours are well represented on site.
We are very proud of our drivers who have been working with us for years.
After working with them you will appreciate how reliable and professional they are, always ready to go the extra-mile when needed.
So far this policy has enabled us to handle pretty much any cargo – whether fragile or high valued – and to cover the requirements of many different customers.

Our equipment:

  • Trucks equipped with cranes (17 et 29 Tons/Meter) and twist-locks (capacity 1X20’ DRY container)
  • Hook-lift truck equipped with a crane (17,5 T/M) – flat bed
  • Mobile cranes 35 to 80 tons (1 working day notice)
  • Single axle van (curtainsider) useful length 6.5m / 6 tons payload
  • Single axle van (curtainsider) useful length 8.5 m / 8 tons payload
  • Lorry trailer useful length 13,60 m / 24 tons payload with tail lift
  • 8 meters trailer equipped with 3 tons tail-lift / 20 tons payload
  • 6 meters low bed trailer with a height at 0.90 m / 8 tons payload
  • Triple axles low-bed trailer with a height at 0.85 m with hydraulic ramp and winch / 24 tons payload
  • City delivery trucks – volume 20 cbm with tail-lift
  • Fleet of vans and small vans
  • Gantry cranes upon request
  • Container loading ramp
  • Forklifts from 1.2 to 4 tons capacity
Your contact:

TDV –  office +33 1 34 48 60 40

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