Dominique VALTER

Founder and Manager

Transports du Vexin

I n 1993 I created Transports du Vexin, a licensed freight forwarder company, initially located in the west of Paris.

In 1995, our fleet of vehicles was extended and diversified in order to offer tailor-made service.

Our customers are mainly small business companies whose fragile and high-value products require special care during handling.

In 1998, Transports du Vexin moved to Vigny FR 95 along the National 14 near Cergy-Pontoise where it is still based today in modern and efficient premises.
Our company has been broadening the range of its services ever since: tradeshows, express delivery service, storage, preparing orders.

Over the past few years, we have been specializing in industrial handling and lifting and we are always investing both in our equipment and  the training of our teams.

In 2011, a new branch  named ECO-BENNE was created to handle industrial and private waste (waste treatment and waste recovery).

Today, we are extending onto the European and International markets with the recent creation of TDV International whose aim is to assist our clients exporting to or importing from international markets.

I would like to thank the companies that have trusted me for the past 20 years  and I also want to thank my staff.

A team’s true success is to ensure competitiveness in the long term.

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